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Late Capitalist Television, or, Summer Reading

In Why We Love Sociopaths: A Guide to Late Capitalist Television, Adam Kotsko surveys the overwhelming fascination in contemporary culture with sociopathy. With readings spanning South Park, Dexter, Mad Men, and The Wire, Kotsko argues that the sociopath’s ability to instrumentalize all forms of social bonds critically discloses the arbitrary status of the codes, ties, and institutions that order collective experience. “Perhaps we might all benefit from being more sociopathic,” he provocatively concludes. Click here for recent footage of Slavoj Zizek’s enthusiastic discussion of the book.

With the generous hospitality of 57th Street Books, InterCcECT is proud to present a conversation on Kotsko’s work, joined by the author himself, Monday 16 July, 6pm, 1301 E 57th St, Hyde Park. For additional reading pleasure, we also recommend Kotsko’s prequel, Awkwardness.

Atop inducements to sociopathy, add a different kind of maddening to your summer reading list: join us for our ongoing group on Lacan’s Seminar 3: The Psychoses. Chapters 3 and 4 are up for Thursday 14 June, 5pm, at our salon in Bucktown. Write us for PDF and details.

Alternately, or additionally, we recommend a companion reading group conducting weekly sessions on philosophy. Their latest text is Levinas’s Totality and Infinity, with the first session Wednesday 13 June, 6pm, at The Bourgeois Pig, covering the Intro, Preface, I Same and the Other: A. Metaphysics and Transcendence. Check our calendar for more info on their schedule of readings.

As always, we welcome proposals / announcements for other summer reading materials.

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the material real

In his forthcoming Lacan and the Concept of the Real, Tom Eyers argues that “by rooting our understanding of the Real within the logic of the signifier we may begin to recognise the materiality of the immaterial, and the stubborn opacity of the material itself. Lacan’s claim that it is through the signifier that this materiality is revealed to us should not be taken as a concession to any standard brand of anti-realism or hyper-textualism; on the contrary, Lacan’s aim is to render superfluous any neat separation of the ideal from the material, from the representative to that to which it ostensibly refers.” Psychoanalysis thus makes it possible, in a different idiom than deconstruction, to question philosophical binaries like material / ideal and subject / object.

Eyers puts this “weird materialism” to work in his project to rethink the opposition life / structure in contemporary French thought. “Living Structures: Canguilhem, Deleuze, and the Question of Life”, tomorrow 6pm, Gallery 400.

InterCcECT puts it to work in our ongoing Lacan reading group on Seminar 3: The Psychoses. Next up: Chapters 3 and 4, 5pm 14 June, at our salon in Bucktown. PDF available upon request.

Questions? Proposals? Other materials? Write us!

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structures do live in the streets

20th century French philosophy often appears divided between attention to logic, concepts, or structures and concern for vitality and life. Is there a possible philosophy of “living structures” or materially grounded ‘life’?

With the generous support of Gallery 400, InterCcECT excitedly presents “Living Structures: Canguilhem, Deleuze, and the Problem of Life,” a lecture by Tom Eyers, Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow in the Humanities at Washington University in Saint Louis, and author of Lacan and the Concept of the Real.

Join us 6pm Monday, 4 June at Gallery 400.

For another aperture onto this divide, participate in this week’s InterCcECT reading group on Lacan’s Seminar 3: The Psychoses.

Semesters are over and quarters are rounding the bend; let us know your summer reading list, working-group schemes, and field trip itineraries – we’d love to add them to our calendar.

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Le Corbusier, Locke, Deleuze, Sociopaths

Join us for several upcoming events at which we’ll investigate the origins of aesthetic philosophy, the vicissitudes of vitalism, and negations of the social bond – perhaps even simultaneously!

InterCcECT presents:
10 May Viv Soni holds a works-in-progress session, “The Vanishing Place of Judgment between Empiricism and Aesthetics: The Case of Locke’s Essay” at the InterCcECT Salon, 5pm ( request the paper and details)
4 June Tom Eyers gives a talk, “Living Structures: Canguilhem, Deleuze, and the Problem of Life” 6pm, Gallery 400
16 July Adam Kotsko discusses his latest book Why We Love Sociopaths: A Guide to Late-Capitalist Television at 57th Street Books, 6pm

InterCcECT recommends: (a few selections from our calendar – which includes details)
19 April Anthony Vidler, “Modernist Montage: Film Culture from Eisenstein to Le Corbusier” at Northwestern
20 April Sunil Agnani “Hating Empire Properly: Adorno, CLR James, and the legacy of the Enlightenment” at UIC
24 April Plastic Crimewave at MCA
3-4 May Fred Moten poetry and poetics at U of C
11 May Graham Harman’s Guerilla Metaphysics book discussion

We welcome your event announcements, project proposals, reading group suggestions, and more: write us !

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