Le Corbusier, Locke, Deleuze, Sociopaths

Join us for several upcoming events at which we’ll investigate the origins of aesthetic philosophy, the vicissitudes of vitalism, and negations of the social bond – perhaps even simultaneously!

InterCcECT presents:
10 May Viv Soni holds a works-in-progress session, “The Vanishing Place of Judgment between Empiricism and Aesthetics: The Case of Locke’s Essay” at the InterCcECT Salon, 5pm ( request the paper and details)
4 June Tom Eyers gives a talk, “Living Structures: Canguilhem, Deleuze, and the Problem of Life” 6pm, Gallery 400
16 July Adam Kotsko discusses his latest book Why We Love Sociopaths: A Guide to Late-Capitalist Television at 57th Street Books, 6pm

InterCcECT recommends: (a few selections from our calendar – which includes details)
19 April Anthony Vidler, “Modernist Montage: Film Culture from Eisenstein to Le Corbusier” at Northwestern
20 April Sunil Agnani “Hating Empire Properly: Adorno, CLR James, and the legacy of the Enlightenment” at UIC
24 April Plastic Crimewave at MCA
3-4 May Fred Moten poetry and poetics at U of C
11 May Graham Harman’s Guerilla Metaphysics book discussion

We welcome your event announcements, project proposals, reading group suggestions, and more: write us !


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