April Showers

InterCcECT reminds you to attend our upcoming mini-seminar with Kiarina Kordela, “(Psychoanalytic) Biopolitics and Bioracism” (readings available here), Monday, 9 April, 4pm, UIC Institute for the Humanities, 701 S Morgan St, lower level.

Some theory events April showers on Chicago (and our neighbor, Milwaukee!):

3 April Richard Weisberg, In Defense of Flexiphobia: How a Touch of Faulknerian ‘Intractability’ Might Help Avoid Historical and Hermeneutic Disasters, UIC Forum for Research on Law, Politics, and the Humanities

4 April, Saskia Sassen, Digital Formations of the Powerful and the Powerless, UIC

5 April, Christopher Menke, The “Different Form” of Domination: Toward a Crtiique of the Social Critique of Law, Northwestern U.

13 April, Pre-Occupy Symposium, UW-Milwaukee Center for 21st Century Studies

20 April, In a Rut, Arts of Non-Sovereignty series, U Chicago

To propose or announce events, contact us .

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