Walking After Midnight [Cowboy]: the Trauma of Desire and the Stakes of Interpretation

The newly translated Seminar VI of Lacan, “Desire and Its Interpretation” exposes interpretation as at once intimately co-implicated in, and incommensurable with, desire.  Groundbreaking work by Kevin Floyd in The Reification of Desire situates this knot within the capitalist dynamics of reification and totalization, with an assist from Midnight Cowboy and queer aesthetics.   Join InterCcECT for a miniseminar on this conjuncture.


Special guest Earl Jackson leads us Wednesday 30 October, 5pm, UIC, 2028 University Hall, 601 S Morgan St (Blue Line: UIC Halsted).

Readings: “The Dialectic of Desire” (Seminar VI pages 357-406) and “On Capital, Sexuality, and the Situations of Knowledge” (Reification pages 1-38), with extra focus on Floyd’s reading of Midnight Cowboy (154-194).

Contact us for pdfs.

Earl Jackson is Chair Professor in Asia University, Taiwan, and Associate Professor Emeritus, University California Santa Cruz, as well as the Co-director of the Transasian Screen Cultures Institute in Seoul. He is the author of Strategies of Deviance: Studies in Gay Male Representation; the co-editor (with Victor Fan) of Nang#7, The Scent of Boys; and numerous essays on queer theory, and Japanese and Korean cinemas. He is currently completing a monograph, Critical Conditions: Theory and Practice in Japanese Cinema.  Jackson has worked in the Korean independent film industry as line producer, film editor, screen writer, and actor.


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On our calendar:

15 Oct 20th Anniversary release date Fight Club

1 Nov “After Fiction” University of Chicago

15 Nov Tanya Agathocleous “Civility, the Civilizing Mission, and the Colonial Public Sphere”

18 Nov Monuments of Omission 


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political sentences

Any completed utterance runs the risk of being ideological.   

–Roland Barthes

What are sentences? Why do we place so many conflicting demands on them? To what extent does our claim to be viable social or political beings rest on our ability to articulate “correct” sentences? This miniseminar will explore these questions, focusing on what is at stake ideologically in the ambition to reshape the sentence form or even to dispense with it entirely.  Readings include brief selections from Adorno’s Minima Moralia, Barthes’ The Pleasure of the Text, Bhabha’s The Location of Culture, and Stein’s Patriarchal Poetry.

Join InterCcECT for a mini seminar with special guest Jan Mieszkowski, author of Crises of the Sentence, Weds 7 August, 5pm-7pm, at Ambassador Public House (Blue Line: UIC/Halsted), back room.

Contact us for pdfs.

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On our calendar:

18 July, Go Down Moses

29 July InterCcECT Too Real Abstraction

8 August, NASSR

26 August, V21 Collective  “The Planet” 


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too real abstraction

Alfred Sohn-Rethel’s Intellectual and Manual Labour, and its central concept of “real abstraction,” implicitly recognized something that has become undeniable today: that environmental crisis is a crisis of thought. As atmospheric carbon increases our basic brain functioning decreases. But in another sense it may have always been a crisis of thought. What if the value form, with its quite literally world-destroying demand for accumulation, has produced for us our mode of abstract thinking? This might include, as Jason Moore as recently suggested, generating the abstract ideas of “Nature” and “Society.”

Join us Monday 29 July, 4pm, to ponder these and other abstractions, with selected readings from Sohn-Rethel, Moore, and Alberto Toscano (and optional David Cunningham).  Red Lion Pub (2446 N Lincoln; Red, Brown, Purple Lines: Fullerton). Contact us for pdfs.

As always, contact us to propose events!

On our calendar:

V21 Collective summer reading groups: THE STATE 22 July
“Political Sentences” InterCcECT miniseminar with special guest Jan Mieszkowski 7 August

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the origin of art at the end of the world

van gogh, shoesHeidegger’s essay “The Origin of the Work of Art” is a one-stop guide to everything most promising and most problematic in his thought — from the linguistic construction of meaning to the relationship of human and animal, from the most abstract reflections on the disclosure of Being to a troubling fascination with national identity — all compressed into a simple pair of peasant shoes! Earth and world, world and work, form and shoe – can these relations remain the same after mechanical reproducibility, after the world market, after extinction?

Join us Thursday 27 June, 4pm, at The Map Room.
Readings available upon request to intercept at gmail.

As always, we welcome event proposals and summer accommodates many sessions. Follow us on Facebook for frequent links and commentary.

On our calendar:
June 19: V21 Collective reading group “Equality”
June 21: Marxist Literary Group
July 22: V21 Collective reading group “The State”
July 29: InterCcECT reading session “Real Abstraction”
Aug 7: InterCcECT miniseminar “Political Sentences” with special guest Jan Mieszkowski
Aug 26: V21 Collective reading group “The Planet”

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the new narcissism


The ancient myth of Narcissus found elaboration in psychoanalytic theories of the late 19th and mid 20th centuries. How must the theories stretch to illuminate ego orthodoxies of the i-media age?

Join us for a miniseminar with special guest and InterCcECT resident summer Lacanian Professor Chris Breu, Thursday 30 May, 5pm, Red Lion Pub. 2446 N Lincoln (Red, Brown, Purple Lines: Fullerton)

Readings include Sigmund Freud, On Narcissism, and selections from Jacques Lacan, the seminar book 1: Freud’s Papers on Technique. Contact us for pdfs.

Summer! Our collectively driven events amp up the pace in warmer months, so send us proposals and we’ll get rolling!

On our calendar:

The Marxist Literary Group Institute for Culture and Society 21-26 June
V21 Collective summer reading groups June, July, August
“Political Sentences” InterCcECT miniseminar with special guest Jan Mieszkowski 7 August

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What was the sublime? Miniseminar with Ian Balfour

Is the sublime so five minutes ago? So two centuries ago? This mini-seminar explores the extraordinarily discontinuous history of the category of the sublime and loaded examples of it proffered by theorists and critics, as well as how the sublime lines up, easily or not, with its aesthetic “others.” The point of departure will be Hegel’s short account of the sublime, considered in conjunction with passages from Adorno, Benjamin, Rancière, Negri, Newman, and Ngai.

Join InterCcECT for “Their Aesthetic Category: What was the Sublime?” led by ultra special guest Ian Balfour. Contact us for the readings.

Monday 18 March
UIC Institute for the Humanities
Stevenson Hall (lower level)
701 S Morgan St

Blue Line: UIC/Halsted

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byways of transindividuation and intersection

In this riven present, unilluminating debates about identity politics make an odd commons uniting the blogosphere, journalism, and academic theory.   Cast some light on questions of subjectivity, structuration, and collective identities for our times with new theses from African-American Studies and Continental Philosophy:  Jennifer Nash’s Black Feminism Reimagined and Jason Read’s The Politics of Transindividuality. Contact us for excerpts.

image.pngJoin InterCcECT for a reading session Monday 21 January, 5pm-7pm.  Red Lion Pub 2446 N Lincoln (Red, Brown, Purple Lines: Fullerton).

As ever, send us proposals for events, and like us on f*cebook for links and discussion.

On our calendar:

Open University with Adam Kotsko

Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors 

Bonnie Honig

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