Inter Chicago Circle for Experimental Critical Theory

InterCcECT convenes a Chicago circle of readers, writers, thinkers, and makers working in and beyond the university, through and around the commitment to theory.  “Theory” we encompass in its critical, experimental, philosophical, aesthetic, political, literary, and psychoanalytic forms.

InterCcECT coordinates the union of sets in Chicago via reading groups, workshops, performances, conferences, seminars, studios, parties, and other platforms.

InterCcECT connects offline.  Less content-delivery, more event-planner: we invite collective engagement.  To announce events or call for collaboration, contact us or send a missive to interccect (appropriate preposition) gmail (appropriate appendix).  To participate in events, click the “InterCcECT Calendar” link.

For regular updates, use the “sign me up” function on the homepage or like us on Facebook.

InterCcECT is convoked by Anna Kornbluh, who teaches literature and literary theory in Chicago.
InterCcECT enjoys the generous hospitality of our frequent partners, The Scholl Center at The Newberry Library, and Gallery 400.
InterCcEct co-opts the concept designed by our extraordinary California neighbor, Kenneth Reinhard of UCLA. Read his Manifesto.
The InterCcECT logo reflects the collaborative efforts of Ezra Friedman, Sarah Froelich, and Julia Reinhard Lupton.


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  1. Great project! Good luck!

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