the psychoanalytic supplement

In her forthcoming book ​Being, Time, Bios: Capitalism and Ontology​, Kiarina Kordela’s psychoanalytically inflected readings of the history of philosophy prompt a a redefinition of biopolitics. In place of Foucault’s formulation that biopolitics is “the administration of bodies and the calculated management of life” she proposes to think “the administration and management of the subject’s relation to mortality and immortality, as a compensation for the loss of eternity.”

InterCcECT is delighted to present a miniseminar with Professor Kordela, Monday 9 April at 4pm, at the UIC Institute for the Humanities (Stevenson Hall, 701 S. Morgan St, lower level). We’ll be discussing her article “(Psychoanalytic) Biopolitics and Bioracism,” which she has generously made available here.

Mark your calendars now for two other special events presented by InterCcECT this spring, a workshop on the origins of aesthetic philosophy with Viv Soni, 5pm 10 May, and a talk on Deleuze by Tom Eyers, 5pm 4 June. To propose or announce events, including reading groups, performances, and other experiments, contact us .
We hope to see you soon, perhaps next week at Nancy Fraser’s lecture and seminar, “Theorizing the Crisis of Capitalism in the 21st Century.”

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