structures do live in the streets

20th century French philosophy often appears divided between attention to logic, concepts, or structures and concern for vitality and life. Is there a possible philosophy of “living structures” or materially grounded ‘life’?

With the generous support of Gallery 400, InterCcECT excitedly presents “Living Structures: Canguilhem, Deleuze, and the Problem of Life,” a lecture by Tom Eyers, Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow in the Humanities at Washington University in Saint Louis, and author of Lacan and the Concept of the Real.

Join us 6pm Monday, 4 June at Gallery 400.

For another aperture onto this divide, participate in this week’s InterCcECT reading group on Lacan’s Seminar 3: The Psychoses.

Semesters are over and quarters are rounding the bend; let us know your summer reading list, working-group schemes, and field trip itineraries – we’d love to add them to our calendar.


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