the fantasy of democracy, the desire of communism

InterCcECT is delighted to announce a lecture by Jodi Dean, “The Communist Horizon,” Saturday 27 October, 4:30pm, presented at Gallery 400 with their generous support. Based on her book forthcoming in late October, the talk proposes new ideals for communism today.

In preparation, InterCcECT will host a reading group on excerpts from Dean’s recent book Democracy and Other Neoliberal Fantasies, along with selections from the comrade anthology The Idea of Communism. Join us Thursday 4 October at The Newberry Library, room B82, 3pm. PDFs available upon request .

*this week in theory*
(highlights from our calendar, which contains additional details):

5 September Graeber’s Debt (History of Capitalism reading group)
5 September Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason (German Philosophy reading group)
6 September Leibniz’s Exoteric Philosophy (Lecture by John Whipple)
7 September “Kristeva’s Severed Heads: Sadomasochism and Sublimation” (Lecture by Kelly Oliver)

What’s on your docket? As always, Write us to propose or announce events, and “like” us on Facebook for frequent links.


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