Red October

InterCcECT proudly presents Jodi Dean, “The Communist Horizon” Saturday 27 October, 4:30pm, generously hosted by Gallery 400. Based on her brand new book, the talk urges us to imagine new Octobers.

*theorizing October*

(highlights from our calendar, which contains additional details):

12 Oct Laurence Hemming, “Production: Formerly This Was Called God: Heidegger in dialogue with Marx”
13 Oct Frances Ferguson, “Economic and Sentimental Reasons”
15 Oct Anthony Paul Smith, “Liberating Lived Experience: François Laruelle and the Work of NonPhilosophy”
16 Oct Michael Hardt, “The Right to the Common”
16 Oct Ramin Takloo-Bighash, “History, Theory, and Practice of Prime Numbers”
17 Oct Adam Kotsko, “Agamben on Liturgy and Politics”
17-19 Oct UIC French, “Inequality and Exclusion:The Theory and Practice of Human Rights”
18 Oct Achille Mbembe, “Notes on Fetishism and Animism”
26-28 Oct DePaul Philosophy, “Hegel and Capitalism”
29 Oct Danielle Bergeron, “Psychosis As It Is Lived”

InterCcECT encompasses you! Contact us to propose or announce your October aspirations and “like” us on Facebook for frequent links.


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