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a decade of experimental critical theory

This June marks a special anniversary for the Inter Chicago Circle for Experimental Critical Theory: ten years of conversations and conviviality, readings, lectures, field trips, workshops, and experiments. One decade of cross-city wild thought, of crowds and parties, of cinema, television, hysteria, and so many dialectics. Our deepest gratitude to the many many theorists of many many persuasions who’ve linked the circle together!

In celebration, including in cyclical return to the politics of literature, join us for an extra festive experiment in speculative fiction: for next time we’re reading Dr. Kim Stanley Robinson’s Ministry of the Future, a big novel of big ideas and big states.

Decadent Decadeversary Salon

29 June


RSVP for more deets; we’ll continue outdoor venue-ing.


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the Shape of Things to come

The Circle, whether boundary or figure, is a simple shape amenable to infinite concentricities and links.  InterCcECT takes its shape from your points and lines.  Have a chapter in progress you’d like to share?  A text you’d like to read in company?  A field trip?  Contact us.

This week: The Marxist Literary Group’s annual Summer Institute on Culture and Society holds panels, reading groups, and film screenings at UIC.  Schedule and info here.

Next week: an ECT reading group on Jacques Ranciere’s recent The Politics of Literature (title essay only).  Meeting Wednesday 29 June at 4pm.  Further details.

In between, and after: up to you!

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Inter Chicago Circle for Experimental Critical Theory

InterCcECT convenes a Chicago circle of readers, writers, thinkers, and makers working in and beyond the university, through and around the commitment to theory.  “Theory” we encompass in its critical, experimental, philosophical, aesthetic, political, literary, and psychoanalytic forms.

InterCcECT coordinates the union of sets in Chicago via reading groups, workshops, performances, conferences, seminars, studios, parties, and other platforms.

InterCcECT connects offline.  Less content-delivery, more event-planner: we invite collective engagement.  To announce events or call for collaboration, contact us.  To participate in events, click the “InterCcECT Calendar” link at right.

In the loop: check this site regularly or use the “Sign Me Up” function.


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