Do We Still Need Kojève?

Alexandre Kojève’s lectures on Hegel are the crossroads through which German philosophy passes into French theory. What happens to our current theoretical projects—especially those that want to claim Hegel for the emancipatory Left—when we acknowledge Kojève’s mediation? Or does Kojève’s humanist dialectic take us away from the Hegel we desire most?

Readings include the introduction to Kojève’s Introduction to the Reading of Hegel, Bataille’s “Hegel, Death, and Sacrifice” and “Letter to X, Lecturer on Hegel,” and Žižek’s “Lacan: at What Point is He Hegelian?”. Contact us for pdfs.
Join us for a festive winter break reading session facilitated by Dr. Zachary Tavlin , Thursday Dec 19th, 4pm at The Map Room.
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    Excellent! Readings plz!

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