Where does a literary work come from?


InterCcECT rejoices to return from winter break to a new year of inquiry.  We get started this week rather quickly, with a newly scheduled practice job talk :

InterCcECTer Audrey Wasser presents”Problem and Genesis: On Beckett’s Proust,” in which she reads Samuel Beckett’s Molloy and his writings on Proust to pursue a series of interlocking questions: What is the genesis of a literary work? How do we understand the autonomy and integrity of a literary work with respect to its influences and causes? Is a notion of causation, in fact, completely inappropriate to literature?  Must a work’s autonomy be conceived by means of a negation of all of the conditions that gave rise to it? 

Join us at 4:00pm Friday 24 January, U of Chicago campus, Classics, Room 110 (1010 E 59th St).  

Fulfill your new year’s theory resolutions!  Write interccect at gmail dot com to propose collaborations, and check out our calendar for recommendations like:

Kant’s Conception of Number: A Summing Up

In Conversation with Great Minds: Photographer Sally Mann

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