Psychoanalysis, Phenomenology, Paul: May’s finale; summer’s open vista

As semesters adjourn and quarters eye the end, InterCcECT invites you to propose summer projects. What are your summer reading goals? Writing goals? Want to convene a session or working group? We want you! Contact us us or connect on Facebook.

May is wrapping up with a theory bang around town; let some of these events this week from our calendar inspire your proposals to us!

17-19 May, Which Way Forward for Psychoanalysis?
19-21 May, Phenomenology Roundtable
20-21 May, Paul of Tarsus Working Group presents Aidan Tynan, “Belief in This World: Deleuze, Paul and the Apocalyptic Mood” and InterCcECTer Adam Kotsko, “What St. Paul and the Franciscans Can Tell Us About Neoliberalism: On Agamben’s The Highest Poverty”.


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