realism in these times

What are the formal constructions of realism in art and literature? What, if anything, distinguishes the realism of nineteenth-century capitalism from the realism of twenty-first-century capitalism? What binds Breaking Bad to Balzac? InterCcECT, with special guest Annie McClanahan, turns to Georg Lukacs for renewed debate on realism in these times. Read “Realism in the Balance” and “Reportage or Portrayal” and join us Monday 13 August, 4pm, at the InterCcECT salon in Bucktown; contact us for details and PDFs.

Our continuing conversation on the realism-complex of psychosis convenes Thursday 2 August, 3pm for Lacan’s Seminar 3, Chapters 7-8.

We highly recommend the History of Capitalism Reading Group’s next session, Wednesday 1 August, 1pm, on Arrighi’s The Long Twentieth Century. Check our calendar for details on these and other events.

Have a summer reading bucket list? A fall mini-seminar wish list? InterCcECT welcomes your announcements and initiatives.


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